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Our coaching team uses the basics to build the foundation of the game. They teach athletes to hone their craft from dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball. Those basics are then translated in life: athletes are encouraged to practice in the classroom first through focus and discipline. Coaches then apply these practices into “game time” situations through competitive basketball.


We hold everyone involved in our organization to the highest regard and pride ourselves with integrity. Parents, athletes, coaches, officials, and all those engaged in our program are expected to show the utmost respect. Our goal is to build wholesome young individuals who take pride in themselves and their actions.


We believe that the basketball court is an extension of the classroom. Our goal is to teach young athletes the importance of making decisions and taking responsibility in its results both good and bad. As our coaches design plays to help execute favorable results on the court, athletes will learn to design their own plans in life to achieve their goals. Our coaches require each athlete to set goals for themselves and in return will measure their progress and provide feedback to both parent and athlete.


Athletes are made aware of their social responsibility to themselves, parents, coaches, and the athletic community and are expected to show respect for the game and all those they encounter including opponents and referees.


We encourage positive contribution to local communities through our “Give Back” program. We reach out to local organization and dedicate time for community service. Athletes take an active role in making a difference in their communities through fundraising, donations, and volunteer time.


Whether it is on or off the court, athletes are empowered to take leadership roles and are encouraged to actively participate and contribute to the game. Our team of coaches motivate them through positive reinforcement and allow them to learn and grow through the game of basketball.


F.I.E.R.C.E Basketball is a youth organization designed to assist in the wholesome development of young athletes both on and off the court. This program will serve as an extension of the classroom implementing the importance of being a student first and an athlete second. Our goal is to commit to the lives of young people by promoting leadership and commitment while fostering an environment that embraces pro-social relationships and interpersonal skills. Through our program, coaches and parents will collaborate together to serve as a combined support system in achieving success in the classroom, on the court, and in real life.


F.I.E.R.C.E Basketball differentiates itself through its approach on the game. Our coaching staff is carefully selected to fulfill our core values. We pride ourselves with a passionate team that serves as mentors and can motivate a group of young athletes to reach their fullest potential.


Coach Marlowe Wells

Coach Marlowe has been actively involved in the game of basketball since childhood in Chicago, Illinois. He has played organized since grade school through a collegiate level.


Over the years and playing and coaching, Marlowe has developed philosophies that are symbolic in the way of life through discipline, dedication, and integrity. His passion for working with youth allows him to instill these principles that will assist them in not only being better basketball players but also become a better person overall.


Aside from his basketball experiences, Marlowe is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Specialist.

• NFHS Certified

• ASEP Certified

• First Aide & CPR Certified


Coaching History:

• 1999 - 2001 Assistant Coach boys basketball at St. Lawrence Academy

• 2006 - 2008 Head Coach boys basketball NJB 7th & 8th grade

• 2008 - 2009 Head Coach NJB JV High School boys basketball

• 2009 - 2010 Facilitate NJB Skills Clinics Playground hoops 

• 2009 – 2012 Co-Head Coach JV boys basketball at Sobrato High School

• 2012 – 2013 Head Coach boys basketball NJB All-Net  6th grade at Foothill

• 2013 Facility NJB Skill Clinics Bball Fundamentals Clinics 

• 2009 - 2014 Head Coach boys basketball SV Stars (11u - 14u)

• 2014 - Current Head JV boys basketball coach at Los Altos High School


Coach Aaron Harmon

Aaron Harmon has been involved in the game of basketball since his days at Prospect High School, where he won a league title and was recognized as league Co-MVP during his junior year and finished up his senior year as a 1st team All League member and a Senior All Star. Over the past decade Aaron has continued to follow his passion for basketball through coaching and training.


A heavy promoter of skill development and building solid man to man defensive fundamentals for youth players. Aaron is humbled to play a role in developing the next generation of student athletes and giving back to the community.


"I want to create a fun environment where kids learn the rewards of hard work and good attitude and want to return to play and develop."  ~ Coach Harmon


Aside from his basketball experiences, Aaron is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Specialist.

• NHFS Certified

• CPR & First Aid Certified


Coaching History:

• Assistant Boys Basketball coach, Gilroy/Morgan Hill

  NJB 7th & 8th grade, 2006 -2008

• Co-Head F/S Basketball Coach, Ann Sobrato High School, 2009 - 2011

• Head F/S & Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

   Ann Sobrato HS, 2011 - 2014

• Head Coach, Willow Glen NJB 7th All-Net - 2013 - Present

• Head Coach, SV Stars , 2009 - 2014

• Head F/S Boys Basketball Coach, San Jose High School, Current



  • Small Group Training

    SGT sessions is an excellent way for players to train with other players that has similar skill level. Weather your player is a beginner, intermediated, or an advanced player, they will be challenged by working with our highly skilled and experience coaching staff. This program will emphasize player development, encouragement and a complete understanding of the game.


    • 6 to 1 player to coach ratio

    • Groups consist of 2 to 6 players

    • Drills designed for based on skill level per group

    • Groups are arranged before

    • 1 hour in length



    $30.00 per session per player



    4 session:

    $100.00 per player (save $20.00)

    6 sessions:

    $150.00 per player (save $30.00)

    8 sessions:

    $200.00 per player (save $40.00)

    10 sessions:

    $250.00 per player (save $50.00)

  • Clinics & Classes

    Our Basketball Clinics are designed for the improvement of any young basketball player. Whether a novice or advanced player, we are confident that our “F.I.E.R.C.E Basketball Clinics” will help your player to enhance their skills.


    Each class will focus on teaching the fundamentals of all aspect of basketball. Our coaching will introduce a verity of innovative drills that will increase players’ knowledge, confidence, and passion for the game. Classes are structured with the players in mind and ensures a safe, fun, and highly energetic environment.


    With our highly skilled and experienced coaching staff, we will emphasize player development, character building, and sportsmanship all within a positive atmosphere. Our goal is not only to develop better basketball players but also better people.

    Team Training Session

    Team Training Sessions are designed for overall team development. Our coaches will work in conjunction with the respective team’s coach and customize a workout/practice tailored to the team specific needs with the focus on skill development, performance training, conditioning and a better understanding of the game. During Team Training Sessions players will be introduced to a basketball system that instills key values that can be transferred from the court and applied to real life. (Communication, Teamwork, Responsibility, and Discipline)


    • Competitive team training

    • Customized practice

    • Coaches are welcomed to stay and participate

    • Local High School coaches

    • 1 hour in length

    • 7-12 players per session


    Pricing: $150.00 per team

  • Private Workout Sessions

    Our private workout sessions are offered for all ages and skill levels. This player development program is excellent for player who would like to work on specific skills in a 1 on 1 setting. Private workouts will be tailored to each personal athletes skills set. Players will complete drills and exercises that will challenge and allow them to advance their skills to the next level. These workouts allows our trainers to educate and empower each player to become more confident while accomplishing their own personal goals.


    • 1 on 1 training

    • Customized individual training

    • Local High School coaches

    • S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

    • 1 hour in length



    $60.00 per session per player



    4 session:

    $220.00 per player (save $20.00)

    6 sessions:

    $330.00 per player (save $30.00)

    8 sessions:

    $440.00 per player (save $40.00)

    10 sessions:

    $525.00 per player (save $75.00)






Telephone: (408) 691-1827

E-mail: info@fiercebasketball.com

Proud member of the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States

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